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A.E. Mourad Agency and Community Bankers of Michigan Announce a Partnership Agreement

October 06, 2017

October 6, 2017 - Madison Heights, Mich. - A.E. MouradAgency (AEM) and Community Bankers of Michigan (CBM) announce a formal partnership agreement whereas A.E. Mourad Agency is recognized as a Community Bankers of  Michigan (CBM) endorsed partner.  A.E.Mourad Agency will provide CBM clients access to AEM employee benefits programs designed specifically for community banks located in Michigan.

CBM conducted an extensive interview process to find an insurance partner to provide Michigan based Community Banks with custom designed employee benefit solutions. 

The A.E. Mourad Agency, Inc. specializes in all aspectsof employee benefit management, their objective is to utilize their wealth of experience and resources to help organizations analyze, design, implement,review, and manage a group benefit program.

"We are proud to be recognized as an endorsed partner of community Bankers of Michigan to offer its members our robust and technically advance service model," said Brandi Franz, Vice President of A.E. Mourad Agency."With our long standing industry recognition backed by Crain's, dbusiness and MBPA we were proud to also win the confidence of CBM and look forward toproviding their business partners with real solutions to effectively run their business when it comes to all aspects of employee benefits."

Community Bankers of Michigan (CBM) is an association of community banks located in Michigan.  As your association, it isimperative that we bring you the most current educational opportunities, advocate to keep our unique and distinct local voice, and offer the most competitive products and services in our industry. These association fundamentals help to grow your franchise value as community bankers while decreasing your expenses and increasing your bank's revenues.

For Furtherinformation:

Contact:  Brandi Franz (248) 336-1600

For more information on how we can serve your insurance needs, please call A.E. Mourad Agency at (248) 336-1600.
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