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Employee Communications

We bring a unique approach to employee benefit communications. We listen to your objectives. We inquire about your culture and your challenges. That way our solutions will be on target — and your life will be simpler.

“Good communication is critical to any successful operation”. When you invest considerable time and money in employee benefit programs, you want to know that your employees understand how the plans work and how valuable they are as part of a total compensation package.

To fulfill our obligation to communicate the value of your employee benefit package to your employees, the A.E. Mourad Agency has developed proprietary and customizable employee benefit communication materials such as:

Customized Employee Communications –

Our custom-designed communication and enrollment guide streamlines your enrollment process. We have developed an enrollment guide that educates your employees to help them better understand and appreciate their benefits. Our communications guide is laid out in an easy to understand format and written in a language employees understand. Some highlights of our guide include:
  • Benefits-at-a-glance – our guide not only outlines your benefit plans in a side-by-side format we also provide your employees with an informative benefit outline that is easy-to-read for all lines of coverage (i.e. Health, Dental, Life, STD, LTD, etc).
  • Contributions – it is important to effectively communicate to your employees the cost sharing portion of their benefit package. We outline your employee’s contributions in an easy to follow format, so they are informed and understand their cost sharing responsibilities.
  • Tax Savings Plans – to educate your employees we provide easy to read information on the tax savings plans your organizations may be participating in such as; premium conversion plans, flexible spending plans, etc.
  • Compliance – There are many laws that affect employee benefit plans and even more notifications that are required to be provided to your employees.

Enrollment/Employee Meetings –

Our knowledgeable and talented team of account managers will conduct employee meetings as appropriate to explain major changes in coverage or to introduce a new carrier. Along with our customized employee communication and enrollment guide we will educate your employees about your plan, field questions and reinforce your corporate employee benefit philosophy.

Program Implementation –

Coordinate all changes to the benefit program: prepare applications or amendments for signature; audit employee forms and gather missing information; organize the submission to the carrier; obtain confirmation of approval; and oversee printing of identification cards, booklets, contracts and amendments.

Toll Free Employee Claims Assistance –

We provide your employees with a toll free 800 number available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

For more information on how we can serve your insurance needs, please call A.E. Mourad Agency at (248) 336-1600.
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